Piano Tuning


When Greg Young tunes your piano, you can see his passion for his work. His friends often accuse him of being a perfectionist. Greg laughs at this, but believes that if one aims for perfection one will achieve excellence.


Tuning a piano—truly tuning it properly—takes more than a quick, single pass over the strings. Changing the tension on any one string has an effect on other strings. The further a piano is from being in proper tune, the more necessary it becomes to do a double ( or sometimes triple pass) in string adjustment. Pianos, like any stringed instruments need to be almost in tune before a fine tuning will be stable. Greg compares this to sanding a rough board – one must start with very coarse paper then move up thru the grits to very fine. If not done, the end result will be less than desirable.


You want a competitive price and great value, right? Greg not only tunes your piano properly, but at the same time will do minor repairs and adjustments at no charge (like fixing a sticky key or squeaky pedal). Just another reason Greg’s customers tend to stay very loyal.


Besides tuning pianos for individual Albertans, Greg has many institutional customers. They include Alberta College(GMCC University), Pro-Coro Canada, Cantilon Choirs, RCM Examinations, Kiwanis & other music festivals, Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Store Front Studio, Vanguard College, All Saints Cathedral and McDougall United Church.


You want the best for your piano. So do we! Call Heritage Piano in Edmonton at 780-450-5677.